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We are open and taking reservations!  The governor has announced that the 14-day quarantine for out-of-state visitors will expire June 1.  This means visitors will be able to move about freely and fully enjoy everything Southwest Montana has to offer!


We are here to help!  We have been very flexible with the uncertainties and disruptions the virus has caused.  Please contact us if you are having concerns about your stay or your ability to travel and we can discuss moving your dates, extending your cancellation window, and more.

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CURRENT STATUS AS OF JUNE 1:  We are currently in Phase 2 of our reopening.  Social distancing must continue to be vigilantly observed anywhere you go.  Bars, breweries, restaurants, casinos, gyms, and theaters are currently open at their own discretion at a maximum 75% capacity and will be observing strict cleaning and physical distancing protocols.  Bars are required to close at 11:30pm and will not be offering counter seating.  Take out continues to be an easy and widely available option.  Retail shops and pools are also open with similar cleaning and distancing requirements as restaurants.  Guided services, such as fishing, are allowed as long as a waiver is signed.

Please be considerate of the many freedoms you're enjoying while you're here.  Montana has been fortunate in our ability to slow the spread of COVID enough to warrant reopening the state to tourists and we would like to keep it open!  Wear a mask when you can and always keep physical distancing in mind when visiting our restaurants, bars, trailheads, and fishing access sites.

Yellowstone National Park is open as of June 1 with limited services.  Visitors are currently able to drive all of the park's roads except for the connector between Canyon and Tower Junction.  Trails and boardwalks will be open where accessible, as well as some stores and restrooms.  More details about restaurants and shops will be forthcoming as concessionaires submit mitigation plans.  This will be an amazing and unique time to visit Yellowstone and experience it as it was 30 years ago with fewer people, fewer services, and more wildlife!  

Please visit this link to find out more detailed information directly from the NPS:

Featured properties for Montana-style physical distancing:

Duck Creek Ranch

Over 400 Acres!

Trail Creek Cabin

Secluded Cabin in the Woods