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CURRENT STATUS AS OF April 1, 2021Bars, breweries, restaurants, casinos, gyms, and theaters are currently open at their own discretion at a maximum 75% capacity and will be observing strict cleaning and physical distancing protocols. Large gatherings are still limited.  Take out continues to be an easy and widely available option.  Retail shops are open with similar cleaning and distancing requirements as restaurants.  Guided services, such as fishing, are allowed as long as a waiver is signed.

Please be considerate of the many freedoms you're enjoying while you're here.  Montana has been fortunate in our ability to slow the spread of COVID enough to warrant reopening the state to tourists and we would like to keep it open!  Wear a mask when you can and always keep physical distancing in mind when visiting our restaurants, bars, trailheads, and fishing access sites.

MASK MANDATE:  Folks are required to wear their masks indoors.  Please respect our local businesses and employees!  In restaurants and bars, a mask is required until you have sat down at a table. 


Bridger Bowl (current as of October 2): Scheduled opening day is December 4 and closing day is April 2 (depending on snow levels).  A reservation system will be put into place with a certain percentage of available spots going to ticket holders and a certain percentage to season pass holders.  According to Bridger Bowl, "this number can and will vary depending on the day, week, month and be subject to re-distribution at any time."  You will have to show proof of reservation to enter the parking lot for the day.  More details regarding the reservation system are forthcoming.  Things are slated to start off slow for the opening weeks with the lowest reservation numbers available.  Face masks will be required in "all lift lines, while loading and unloading, and while in any of the public spaces where six feet physical distancing cannot be maintained."

Lesson sizes will be limited and large youth group lessons will be mostly unavailable.  Private and family lessons will still be available.

Lodge capacity will be reduced in accordance with Gallatin County health standards and guests will be encouraged to take advantage of grab and go options for food and utilizing their cars as a "lodge" for boot changing and eating.  Lift lines will be spread out further and Bridger Bowl is encouraging guests to ride together if you arrive together.  Singles will not be asked to fill open spots on chairs.  Wait times will be a bit longer.

Scheduled weekend bus services have been canceled for the season.

For more information please visit Bridger Bowl's website.

Big Sky Resort: Purchase your tickets well in advance!  At this time, Big Sky is only implementing a reservation system for Ikon and Mountain Collective passholders.  Lift tickets bought in advance are guaranteed for their dates, acting as a de facto reservation, and Big Sky season passholders are not required to make reservations.  Once capacity has been reached in advance for a particular day, lift tickets will no longer be available for that day.

Masks will be required in all lift lines and on chairlifts.  They will also be required indoors in restaurants at all times unless actively eating/drinking.  Restaurant capacities will be reduced.  There will be no singles linesat lifts this year.

Group lessons will be available and guests ages 3+ will be required to wear masks when they cannot distance.

Featured properties for Montana-style physical distancing:

Boat Shed