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Review our Frequently Asked Questions

Are we really that different from other rental companies?

You bet! We’ve been named one of the world’s best vacation rental agencies six years running by Conde Nast Traveler magazine. Here are some of the reasons why.

You spend your valuable time and money on the perfect vacation, so we provide you with first rate accommodations. Each property meets our strict standards for prime location, proximity to activities, attractive decor, western charm, and real character.

Run-of-the-mill rental companies are all about listing as many houses as possible. Not us. We turn down many more properties than we accept. Our standards are high, that’s what our guests expect.

We get rave reviews from guests who tell us that our service and attentiveness is second to none.

Can you help us with info on what to do and where to go?

Again, we do the extra things to ensure that your trip is a huge success. With MOUNTAIN HOME, you’ll download our App that includes dozens of tips – what we’d do if we were vacationing here, so that you’ll enjoy Montana as much as we do.

You’ll find out how to contact the top fly fishing outfitter in your area, which restaurants are best, our favorite hikes, where to find the nearest grocery stores, ideas for fun day trips, special ideas for vacationing here with small children, and where and when to catch that local rodeo or farmers’ market.

The App is custom-built for the location of your home, and contains endless helpful information about the home’s location. Plus, we’re available to answer your questions from the day you make your reservation to the day you head for home.

Rentals never seem to have what I need – will I have to bring a lot of household basics?

Not at all. We know what you need, and we’ve got it covered. Our homes are thoughtfully stocked with good quality bed linens, towels, kitchen basics (like spices, dish soap and paper towels), internet, and even sundry items such as hand soap and laundry detergent. You just bring your clothes, pick up a few groceries, and make yourself right at home.

What if I want to make my life really easy?

If you want it done, we can find someone who will take care of it. We can arrange for daily maid service, first-class in-home catering, and even someone to do your grocery shopping. When traveling it’s important to know that you can rely on a local resource who knows all the best people and services in the area. That’s why we’re here.

Do we have to check in and check out on certain days?

Not at all! Just let us know your ideal travel dates and we’ll do our best to accommodate you. As for time of day, typically you can check in anytime after 5 pm, and check out by 10 am (so our cleaning crew can come in and do a thorough job). If you have special time or travel constraints, let us know, and we’ll try to come up with a schedule that works for everyone.

What about the length of our stay? Is there a minimum?

A handful of homes do have one-week minimums, but most can accommodate shorter stays. Most of our homes have three night minimums, for a few it’s five nights. Let us know what you have in mind, and we’ll see what’s available.

Kids and pets – any restrictions?

Bring the whole crew – to most of our homes anyway! About half of our homes are pet-friendly, and we only have a few properties that aren’t great for families with small children. Give us a call or email, and we’ll help steer you to the rental home that’s best suited for your group.

When should we start planning our trip to Montana?

It’s always best to book as early as possible, to ensure that you’ll have all the preferred options. Summer trips are usually planned and reserved six months to a year in advance. And remember, our local airports are small – flights fill up, and rental cars sell out. Veteran travelers to the Rockies plan early, so they aren’t disappointed with a lack of choices. A little advance planning will get you the flights you want, the right getaway home, and the pleasure of counting the days until you wake up in Montana.

How do we get there from here?

Most of our guests fly into Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport (BNZ), which is served by Delta, Alaska, Allegiant,United, and Frontier. No crowds and great mountain views make this the nicest airport anywhere! Bozeman is just one connection for most travelers. Depending on the home you select, Billings or Butte and Idaho Falls may also be convenient destinations. We’re happy to answer your questions about which airport is best for you.

What the best time of year to visit Montana?

Summer and winter are when we see the most visitors, and there’s no doubt – they are both incredible seasons.

Fall is our “secret season”, and if you ask the locals, most will probably tell you it’s their favorite time of year. The weather’s great, the aspens are turning yellow, there’s fabulous hiking and excellent fishing (some say the best of the year). You’ll feel like you have the entire state to yourself. Fall’s also a great time to visit Yellowstone Park – the elk are back down from the high country, and the bears are out and active, getting ready for winter. There aren’t as many visitors, either, so you can enjoy this one-of-a-kind ecosystem in its most natural state.

Spring through early-Summer is another incredible time to visit, especially if you enjoy wildlife. Great photography opportunities are everywhere, and again, few people. Newborn bison and elk calves romp through the lush meadows along the Firehole River in Yellowstone, and dazzling fields of wildflowers make for perfect picnic settings.

Can you give me an idea of the prices?

If you’re on a budget, we’ve got some nice choices for you, and if you want luxury, well, we can do that too! Prices range from around $1000 per week to over $5000. Typically Spring and Fall offer the best rates, and we can offer better deals for longer stays. If your pricing questions aren’t answered after viewing the homes on our website, just give us a call or visit the “Contact Us” page, and we’ll get back to you with some options that will work for you.

How do I make a reservation?

Once you’ve decided on a home, you can book the dates on the website, or you can give us a call. As soon as we process your reservation, half of the total rental rate will be charged to secure your reservation. The balance, plus tax, is typically due 30 days prior to your arrival.

But what if I have to cancel?

We know that plans sometimes change. That’s okay. Our standard policy is that if you cancel more than 60 days prior to arrival date we will offer a full refund of your deposit, less a $250 fee. Within 60 days, we’ll refund the deposit if we’re able to re-book the dates you reserved. The policies are different for a few of our homes, for longer stays, also for holiday bookings – feel free to inquire about the policy of any specific home.