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We strongly recommend the purchase of travel protection insurance for all our guests. Insurance will cover you in case of the many things that could happen before and during your trip. We offer a policy through CSA Travel Protection, a nationally known and reputable insurance company. Our guests have found it very worthwhile in covering non-refundable expenses, from the cost of their rental to airfare, and more. Here are some of the many things that CSA’s policy covers:

Before your vacation:

  • Cancellation due to a medical issue for yourself or someone in your immediate family or party.
  • Cancellation due to loss of employment
  • Cancellation due to military deployment

During your vacation:

  • Delayed or canceled flights
  • Lost or delayed luggage
  • Vehicle roadside assistance

Plan details

Important disclosures

While we hope your vacation is perfect in every way, things do happen. This is just a safety net to help out in case they do. If you have additional questions or concerns please contact our office today!