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14 Apr 2023
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Summer Activities

Summertime Brings Many Exciting Activities and Things to Do in Bozeman, MT

Montana in the summer is a beautiful thing. The skies become clear, wildflowers bloom, and the mountains transform into a adventurer's paradise. Here in Bozeman, you'll find all that and more when you come to visit in the summertime.

Summer Weather in Bozeman

From June through September, the weather in Bozeman is absolutely sublime. Average temperatures during this time are around 75°F, and the skies are clear or partly cloudy more about 60% of the time.

July is the warmest and clearest month in Bozeman. Average highs hover around 85°F, and average lows stay around 50°F. As for the skies, they're either completely clear or just partly cloudy 75% of the time. Perfect conditions for full-time adventuring!

Bozeman Summer Activities

Bozeman is a haven for those who love the outdoors, and summer brings the greatest variety of outdoor things to do. Extensive hiking and biking trails, tons of captivating water features, and endless breathtaking views to admire just scratch the surface of Bozeman's summer activities.

Here are some of the most popular summer things to do outdoors in Bozeman.

Visit Yellowstone National Park

The world's oldest national park is a must-see attraction for those staying in Bozeman during the summer. Yellowstone National Park spans 2.2 million acres across Montana, Idaho and Wyoming. Within that massive space you'll see geothermal areas that contain half of the world's geysers as well as extensive wilderness spaces full of incredible wildlife.

From Bozeman, you can access Yellowstone National Park's North Entrance by driving on the I-90 E to Billings and then taking exit 333 onto US-89 S towards Yellowstone's north entrance. The total driving distance is around 78 miles and takes just under an hour and a half driving time.

Explore Bozeman Trails in the Gallatin Valley

Since 1990, the Gallatin Valley Land Trust has worked with the City of Bozeman and other organizations to create an area trail system with over 100 miles of trails. Known as the Main Street to Mountains system, this trail system can be used for outdoor activities such as hiking, running, mountain biking, birdwatching, and stargazing.

During your stay in Bozeman, make sure that you trek as many of these trails as you can. Trust us, the views are worth it. If you visit between May and June, you'll be gobsmacked with all the incredible wildflowers springing up along the trails. During wildflower season, some trails honestly feel like you've entered The Wizard of Oz and are crossing the flower fields to the city. Minus the passing out from witch spells, of course.

If you choose to visit a little later in the summer, you'll still have plenty to see even without the wildflowers. Many mountain trails near Bozeman and Big Sky take you to some incredible spots with expansive vantage points or even picturesque alpine lakes. Check out our Hiking in Bozeman and Big Sky activity pages to find some of these captivating trails.

Cool Off in Local Rivers and Lakes

You can't have a summer vacation without spending some time in the water. Although there are no oceans in Bozeman, there are plenty of rivers, streams and lakes where you can jump in and cool off.

For a laid-back family day on the water, you can't beat heading out to Hyalite Reservoir in the Hyalite Canyon Recreation Area. Because of the reservoir's no-wake rule, this is an ideal spot for canoeing, kayaking, and stand-up paddleboarding. You can also fish in the reservoir or at any of the small streams surrounding it.

Want a bit more excitement for your day on the water? Bozeman also has close access to three excellent whitewater rafting rivers: the Madison, the Gallatin, and the Yellowstone. Each of these rivers offer family-friendly rafting with fairly moderate rapids. For the biggest splashes and thrills, you'll want to hop aboard a Gallatin River rafting trip.

Enjoy Bozeman Patio Dining

After full day's worth of adventures, you'll need a delicious meal and a refreshing beverage. But why settle on dining indoors when the evening weather is so nice? Bozeman is full of restaurants with great outdoor patio dining options. Here are a few of our favorites.

Montana Ale Works

Montana Ale Works is one of the most popular eateries in Bozeman, and it's a top-ten restaurant as voted on TripAdvisor. This place has fantastic menu items at both high and low price ranges. Their beers and and other drinks are also exquisite, and their Main Street patio allows to to enjoy your dinner alongside a brilliant Montana sunset.

Nordic Brew Works 

Another brewpub with pizzazz, Nordic Brew Works is located on the west end of Bozeman. Like Montana Ale Works, this place brings a little extra class to the conventional brewery scene with it's tasty menu and refreshing beverages. The patio scene at Nordic is relaxing, as it's free from the business of main street. And, if you come by on certain days, you can even catch live music shows to go along with your meal.

Blacksmith Italian

Who would've thought that one of the finest Italian dining experiences would be in the heart of southwest Montana? The team at Blacksmith Italian have crafted a wonderful menu of dishes that are made using the best locally sourced ingredients. Sitting out on the patio here makes for a fine-dining experience that's perfect for a special occasion dinner.

All of this and more awaits you on your summer vacation to Bozeman, MT. To uncover more exciting activities and places to check out, head over to our Montana Things to Do page.

Also, be sure to book your stay at a vacation rental with Mountain Home Montana for the best Bozeman and Gallatin Valley accommodations.