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Yellowstone Park

No trip to the Northern Rockies is complete without a visit to Yellowstone. Click below for a selection of recommendations for exploring our first national park!

Montana Vacation Rentals - Mountain Home Montana - Whitewater Rafting

The Yellowstone, Gallatin, and Madison Rivers in southwest Montana offer some pretty exciting adventures. All three rivers have both whitewater and floatable sections. If you want to go deeper into Montana streams, try out the Boulder River south of Big Timber!

Montana is a great place for the entire family to vacation! With a variety of kid specific programs and attractions, you are sure to keep busy on your trip. From Junior Ranger program in Yellowstone National park to a real ghost town, the activities are endless. Check out Montana for kids.

Montana has rich history immersed in all things Western. From the Lewis and Clark exploration to the days of mining and the ghost towns left behind, Montana is a historian’s dream come true.